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Still kids

Although the studio was officially born in 2015, the story begins long before that. 

Since kids we were a writers crew, always together, always out writing in the streets.

And that's where the journey really began.
Graffiti taught us a lot, gave us that extra edge, that hunger and desire to improve that I believe nothing else can give you.


Levis Event

Live custom + Patch design

Levi's and us joined forces to host a bespoke event where customers could infuse their denim with the vibrancy of their own neighborhood.

To inspire their creative journey, we crafted a collection of patches inspired by the districts of Milan. For two crazy days, we set up shop at Via Orefici, where we brought customers' unique visions to life in real-time customizing their clothing.


D1 Milano

Fair exhibition


''During the most important watch exhibition fair VICENZAORO, D1 Milano contacted us to realise an artistic performance on their stand.

In the middle of the fair, we carried out a real 'vandalism' attack, We created various scripts and symbols to decorate D1 Milano's exhibition space in a fresh and cool way.


Find your Truth
(adidas x Footlocker)

Set custom live.

FIND YOUR TRUTH (adidas / Foot Locker) CHILE 20 - European campaign.

 Entirely handmade design set for adidas and footlocker.
The aim was to create a backdrop set for the shooting of the new Chile 20 european campaign

starring youngstar Shiva.


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