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Store design.


adidas chose us to breathe new life into their Milan store, The brand center.

We were tasked to infuse the space with a strong local flair that showcase the city’s values and the essence of the brand.

We combine all our creative skills from graffiti expertise mixed with more technical design work, taking the project and our vision to a new level.

Tavola disegno 1.png

Vibram  Billboards

Boston and New York Marathon.


When the Boston And New York marathon rolled around vibram call us to stand out from the sea of athletics brand ma flooding in those days in the city's and event.

We designed a series of billboard that perfectly capture the energy of the race, alternating clean and simple layouts with complex and eye catching.

The results ? Our work did'nt go unnoticed and sales increased several.

Otln_ billboard_vibram_boston.png
Otln_ billboard_vibram_boston_2.png
Otln_ billboard_vibram_boston_3.png
Otln_ billboard_vibram_new_york.png

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